Alturus is an innovative capital partner focused
on developing industry leading companies as they
embark on their next phase of growth.

We invest capital on behalf of Family Offices, which allows us the flexibility and patience to apply our institutional experience with a family office approach.

The name “Alturus” comes from the Latin participle meaning to nourish, develop, and support – which uniquely characterizes our investment approach and philosophy.

We invest in, and partner with, stellar management teams that are looking to take their business to the next level. By adding our experience, relationships and capital, we develop and support them in reaching their full potential.

Family Office Capital allows for the ideal attributes of any capital partner:

On investment size, timing, security, and structure

In our approach and decision making

With regard to performance and results

On value creation and generating attractive after-tax returns for all constituents

Focusing on the optimal time and exit strategy of the business

A.V. Jones, Sr.
Pictured: A.V. Jones, Sr.

The Principals

The Principals at Alturus have extensive experience developing, seeding, investing in, leading and growing middle-market businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Our collaborative, partnership approach – coupled with our deep experience, relationships, and capital – supports our management teams in executing their growth strategy.

We are Alturus.  We are Collaborative Capital.

Our Team

Pictured: Chad D. Hufsey and Jacob B. Jones


We are energetic, hungry, and driven. We value continuous improvement, making our business, and the businesses we support, better with each action and decision.

Our goal is to pursue and create opportunity by combining our institutional experience and knowledge with the flexibility of a family office capital source. This flexibility allows us to be nimble and creative, supporting our stakeholders uniquely and effectively.


With unparalleled dedication, we work closely with our partners to achieve shared successes. We are committed to developing long term, sustainable partnerships.

We take the time to understand culture, processes, and people, allowing us to effectively place capital and provide smart solutions. Adding maximum value is a result of input from all partners, employees, and stakeholders — each individual relationship is respected and vital. We are accessible, approachable and alert. There is no limit to our involvement, no cap on collaboration.

We are good stewards of your investment, your brand, and your ideas.


We leverage our institutional experience and entrepreneurial spirit to see opportunity where others cannot. Our flexible capital and innovative approach enable us to structure each investment uniquely and creatively, offering bespoke ideas and effective solutions.

We play across industries and with a myriad of stakeholders, requiring us to be versatile, resourceful, and adaptable. We work hard and we work smart, creating added value with each endeavor.


There is a return on reputation and ours is positive and consistent. We are faithful to our values and our legacy of being accountable, good partners. We say what we do and we do what we say, with an honest and approachable attitude that builds long-term trust and relationships.

We don’t oversell, we deliver. We employ the capital and the patience to create opportunity and build sustainable value. We believe in our partners — they align with our values and our approach, generating seamless momentum toward a shared goal of success.


Backed by a heritage of trust and built on respected reputations, we are uncompromising in our integrity.

We operate with transparency and accountability, creating value and long-lasting relationships. We are trusted with investments, brands, ideas, and legacies and we place the utmost value in being good stewards in cultivating these partnerships. Trust is everything, it’s our rally cry, our measure of success, and our legacy.

Alturus was founded by Chad Hufsey and Jacob Jones alongside A.V. Jones Jr. and his family office, The Albany Group. The Albany Group, which represents the A.V. Jones, Jr. and Jean Jones and William E. Tucker Families, has a well-deserved reputation – built over the last 50+ years – of being great partners and making successful investments in private companies.