Invested at every level

In our values, our partnerships, and the legacy we will build, together

Dedicated to Partnership

Committed to developing long-term, sustainable partnerships

Faithful to our legacy

Backed by a heritage of trust and built on respected reputations

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We are faithful to our values and our legacy
of being accountable, good partners.

Alturus is an innovative equity capital partner focused on developing industry-leading companies as they embark on their next phase of growth.

With flexible capital and a committed partnership, we help businesses flourish. We leverage our expertise and entrepreneurial drive to find opportunities and to add value. We support our partners in reaching their full potential.

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Driven by values

Our values are core to who we are, the partnerships we have built, and being truly invested at every level.

Backed by a heritage of trust and built on respected reputations, we are uncompromising in our integrity.

Our Values

Pictured: A.V. Jones, Jr. with geological team, 1980

A name with meaning

The name "Alturus" comes from the Latin participle meaning to nourish, develop, and support – which uniquely characterizes our investment approach and values.

We invest in, and partner with, stellar management teams that are looking to take their business to the next level. By adding our experience, relationships and capital, we develop and support them in reaching their full potential.

Our Approach

An impressive heritage

Our heritage, informed by more than 50 years in the industry, has inspired steadfast integrity and our belief that partnerships and relationships are the cornerstone of good business. We marry this tradition with our expertise and the entrepreneurial spirit to find opportunities and add sustainable value.

The Jones Family and The Albany Group have well-deserved reputations – built over the last 50+ years – of being great partners and making successful investments in private companies.

Our Heritage

Pictured: A.V. Jones, Sr. and H.R. Stasney

Family Office Capital allows for the ideal attributes of any capital partner:

On investment size, timing, security, and structure

In our approach and decision making

With regard to performance and results

On value creation and generating attractive after-tax returns for all constituents

Focusing on the optimal time and exit strategy of the business

Proven Partners

The Principals at Alturus have extensive experience developing, seeding, investing in, leading and growing middle-market businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Our collaborative, partnership approach – coupled with our deep experience, relationships, and capital – supports our management teams in executing their growth strategy and ultimately increasing value for all stakeholders.

Our Team


In myriad ways over the past 5 years, the folks at Alturus have crafted impressive enhancements to our business. Most importantly, the hows and whys of their craft are what set Alturus apart in dramatic fashion - they know and demonstrate in all they do that all prospects of real and lasting success have integrity and mutual confidence as their bedrock underpinnings.

Shep Bailey
CEO at Timberline Gas

Having Alturus as a capital partner feels like a big sigh of relief – they are not your typical “private equity” guys. Alturus really wants what’s best for your business long-term and are committed to supporting their management teams. Most importantly, they have integrity and I know I can trust them through the typical bumps in the road that every company faces.

Will Robinson
CEO at Encapture

After first meeting with Chad, my partner and I knew we were dealing with a solid and straightforward equity group that could assist us with going to the next level. Along with having similar values and a high degree of integrity, Alturus’ approach was genuine and authentic and we truly felt they cared about partnering with our company. Partnering with Alturus Capital was a seamless transaction as they did exactly what they said they would do for the best interest of both our company’s. We are extremely pleased with the Alturus team and stand ready to grow the business together with our new partnership.

Terry Hix
President at Reliance Aircraft International

Working with Alturus is like working with family…they are easy to engage with along with being very supportive.

Ken Weskamp
COO at Timberline Gas

We were searching for a lot more than just a capital partner, and in Alturus we found a truly strategic partner that possesses an extremely rare combination of experience in business, long term patience and support, and the type of focused energy needed to actually deliver on their commitment to our partnership. Our organization has a mantra that we even share on our website -- “Do what you say. Period.” It is a liberating pleasure to be aligned with a group that truly lives by that same mantra and holds themselves accountable in their support of our efforts.

Jeff G. Brock
Managing Partner of Hargett Hunter