Investment Approach



Investment Approach - Flexible. Patient. Partner.

Flexible and Nimble
Since no two companies or deals are alike, we treat each transaction as a unique opportunity to create a lasting partnership that will benefit all stakeholders. We bring the rigor, experience and support of institutional capital without the rigidity or decision-making layers and processes.
Patient, Long-Term Capital
We invest capital on behalf of a family office – the ultimate in patient capital sources. We are investing for generations in the future and not for the next fundraising round, which allows a level of patience that often provides us a competitive advantage in optimizing our exit timing.
Partnership with Management
First and foremost to every investment we make is the partnership with Management. We understand that no one knows and understands the business like the Management Team, and therefore focus our efforts in supporting them to achieve shared success.


Investment Philosophy - Integrity. Transparency. Rigor.

Invest in High-Integrity People
It has taken careers to build our reputations for trust worthiness and the utmost in integrity. We seek to partner with those that conduct themselves in the same manner, and value that quality in a partner. Investing in high-integrity, talented people is a core principal and value of our Firm, and the start of every great deal.
Build Transparent Relationships
Transparent relationships – built on trust – are vital to any partnership. We approach relationships in a very straightforward way so that our partners always know where we stand and what they can expect. Our best partnerships and biggest successes have been built on this foundation.
Bring a Rigorous Approach to Creating Value
No one works harder at building and growing your business than you do. We are operators by nature and will roll up our sleeves and work just as hard – with you. We apply tried and true institutional value creation techniques with a family office touch in order to help management leverage their skill sets and resources.