Core Values and Principles

Honesty and Integrity

Our business is built on our reputations and we will never do anything to compromise our hard-earned standings

Business is Relationships

People do business with people they trust and like. We strive to interact with others in a way that will build long-lasting relationships


We respect all stakeholders – partners, employees and service providers – and believe that everyone has something meaningful to add


We continually evaluate our results in order to hold ourselves accountable – for our successes and our missteps

Continuous Improvement

We focus every day on making ourselves, our partnerships, and our businesses better than they were the day before


We are an entrepreneurial firm driven by innovation and strive to find value where others see none

"Our Core Values and Principles are what makes us who we are. Living them over our collective careers is one of our greatest differentiators."

-Chad D. Hufsey
Co-founder and President