About Us


Alturus was founded by A.V. Jones Jr. and his family office, The Albany Group, in order to more directly access and participate in the growing opportunities in the lower middle-market.  The Jones Family and The Albany Group have well-deserved reputations – built over the last 50+ years – of conducting themselves with the highest integrity, being great partners, and making successful investments in private companies.  Having a Sponsor like The Albany Group allows for the ideal attributes of any capital partner:

  • Flexible: On investment size, timing, security, and structure
  • Nimble: In our decision making and our investing choices
  • Patient: With regard to performance and results
  • Focused: On value creation and generating attractive after-tax returns for all constituents
  • Long-term: Focusing on the optimal time and exit strategy of the business
The Principals at Alturus have extensive experience developing, seeding, investing in, leading and growing middle-market businesses in a wide variety of industries.  Our collaborative, partnership approach – coupled with our deep experience, relationships, and capital – supports our management teams in executing their growth strategy and ultimately increasing value for all stakeholders.

“We apply tried and true institutional value creation techniques with a family office touch in order to help management leverage their skill sets and resources”